Weather Warning

I feel momentum in the way my mind is wandering. So I’m going to try to stick with just the way I feel with this post. I have noticed a few trigger points for me these past few weeks. Tearing my website down, starting a new blog and prolifically posting, being tense for no good reason, the ominous feeling the world might explode at any point and I think wanting to erase Facebook was the real alarm. I’ve been here before and usually as the winter draws in. All signs that my Dragon is on the move. 

Sometimes its just a blip, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Really I just have to be aware enough not to overreact. Regards Facebook I just deleted the app off my phone instead of closing my account. I disabled you tube as well so I don’t disappear off down some insane conspiracy hole. Tonight I will be happy if I can sleep for more than a couple of hours without waking but my sleep has been terrible for weeks. It’s all a bit mixed up and I just need an anchor. I know I’ll still be here tomorrow. Whether I straighten and steer clear of the rocks I don’t know.

I have made my mind up about this blog, I’m not going to try and tart it up as some piece of cutting edge commentary or art, neither as a well researched academic output. It’s just me, my bipolar mind and maybe some self pitying poetry. Really it’s totally selfish. I need a voice for now, welcome along for the ride if you have read this far.




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