Personal Rune Reading

I haven’t done a personal Rune reading for a very long time, but a brief interpretation is as long as I don’t let the darkness engulf me I stand to inherit something. The fact that darkness is in the negative position and Sol is in the positive is rather unique. But yes currently stuck on the thorn, sounds about right, hopefully there’s a rose somewhere (opportunity).

Peace D


13 thoughts on “Personal Rune Reading

    1. I can always read a set for you, I don’t really believe there ‘magical’ but psychologically they interest me. I’m more interested in there history and the fact they were still being used as a written language in UK up until the end of the saxon era.


      1. Well I can do the Celtic cross whenever as I know the layout off by heart. But currently looking after little one so will do it as a post tonight if you like. If you need a specific question answered you just need to find some quiet time and think of the question and I’ll pull a rune from the bag (I normally do this in person so will be interesting to see how it turns out online).


      2. No problem, as I said I don’t know how ‘magical’ it really is and may mean nothing but I like to believe it has some relevance, the runes have fascinated me for years.


    1. I have been reading the runes for years, there’s a lot of books to choose from. I don’t really believe there ‘magical’ but as a psychological tool they fascinate me and stories of how the different rune sets came about.

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      1. R. I. Page has some good books based on the academic/archaeology side of things, ‘Runes and Runic Inscriptions’ and ‘An Introduction to the English Runes’. In reality all we have on the runes is mostly on bone or monuments and the most common were trading tags saying things like “Ericsson owes Gunthar 3 sheep”. So yeah not really ‘magical’. The best of the neo pagan books I have is Teutonic Magic: A guide to germania divination lore and magic by Kveldulf Gundarsson. It’s the best assembled of the new age books and actually has a bibliography and doesn’t disappear up its own butt with ‘rituals’, it’s what I use mainly for my castings and the meditations on each rune are nice to do. Also the eddas are worth checking out but there not specifically runic but just give a good history to that era. Also to completely mess things up there are many different rune sets, I like the saxon one because that’s my heritage but cast with the elder futhurk because that’s most popular in neo-paganism, there is no right way to read the runes, we’re just dealing with fragments of history so no one knows for sure if they we’re even used for anything but communication first time around.

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