StockSnap_A6LNAZ887ZThe systems mucked up,
your out of true luck,
burnt the last trick,
skin only so thick,
shut it down now,
if I only knew how.

Look In the mirror and realize,
there is no other way to summarize,
it’s all there in your eyes.

The data is stuck backwards,
looking for the forwards,
the centrality’s lost control,
forcing your empty soul,
to shut it down now,
if I only knew how.

Look to the darkened sky and freeze,
nothing left for you do but seize,
the last dying moments of disease.

The constructs screwed for good,
came tumbling like I knew it would,
last black box failed,
no new god will be hailed,
shut it down now,
we all know how.

D 2013

(The world just seems crazy out there if you look at the news to much, this old poem just reminded me that maybe sometimes you just have to switch off.)


Just a whisp of life you spent in, where did you go once I lost my sanity, suddenly the colour from the girl with rainbow hair drains.

Desperate rescue missions, reading rune riddles in nightclubs, always belonging to someone else, eyes, stabbing me in the brains.

Helicopters in the night remind me of you, crazy the beauty in the deafening chaos, fixing your beat up car, before your brakes fail and kill you.

But alas I should of worried more for myself, now your just someone I used to know, I stare at clear blue sky…

…and broken pieces of you still bleed in my heart.

D April 2017

Death of youth

I used to play amongst the rubble of the old railway station, mortgages, jobs, alien these concepts, like inflation. I swung off broken ladders and read the graffiti, thrown stones as trains rumbled on the still used tracks. Wild youth, alone not running with the pack.

I met my best friend later and told him of the wondrous ruins I had found, he preferred the forest and the fields and we went to play in them, pushing our go cart up down the hills again, again.

Five years later there was a knock on my door, my friends sister cried, tears splashing on the floor. My friend was dead, run over by one of those trains, so I went back to the ruined station again, to find his ghost and ask him to come back …

… But when I got there the station was gone, now stood a second hand car dealer selling over priced crap. My youth now totally erased and done.

D April 2017

The Club

Lights strobing fast, lasers dance, music howls the discord of youth, we’re the outcasts and this was our haven. Sweat dripping from walls, drug deals in shady corners, even the police came in riot gear to visit out hell tech heaven.

In the middle I sat on a beer stained sofa, seeing through the haze of the latest buzz, self medication. It seemed we thrived on the trauma, heading God speed to our own eradication.

It felt like home, it felt like hell and brought you here to see the spectacular. I’d stunned you and lead you gently into my arms, for me this was normal, nothing peculiar.

Six am the lights go off and the music dies, I take you to the harsh daylight outside. Two wasted souls, holding each other up with our brains fried.

D March 2017


Stare through this darkened visor, motorway unfolds ahead. Spirit with me, taking her hand and be lead.

Weaving between the SUV’s, drivers blind by mobile devices, might as well say they can’t see…

… me shoot through the gaps, crazy video game. Headlight burns the fog, open the throttle, feel and know pain.

I know how much it hurts to bounce off your hood, but there’s something you misunderstood…

… I wasn’t on this rocket bike to be cool, I just wanted to get away from you.

D March 2017


skylineIt’s just one more soul dispatched,
For the needs of some guy on crack.
It’s just another pick up call,
For the dutiful ambulance crew.
Another night of sweaty tears,
For the boys in the pub drowning in their beers.

So draw up the curtain,
On the scattered many.
Its just another night in the big city,
Please forgive me for my lack of pity.

I have been here so long now I am not surprised,
At the choking smoke filled sunrise.
Your hear me shout I don’t want to be here,
But in your heart you know I could never leave.

So please do draw up the curtain,
For the scattered many.
It’s just another night in the big city,
Please forgive me my total lack of pity,

This is the end for me,
There is nothing left I want to see,
Catch me if you can as I leave on the last train.

Then pull up the curtains,
For the scattered many.
It’s just another night in the big city,
And I will not spare it an ounce of my pity.

D Sep 2003

(I now live in the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire and the date of when this was written reminds of how long I have been planning my escape!)


man-with-stick-going-homeDidn’t know what this would be, youth clouding my eyes so I could not see.

Welcomed to my hurricane, fast nights, fast bikes and behavior far from sane.

You flew in on the wrong runway, I was shattered man and you just wanted to play.

Dug your needles in my frontal lobes, yeah hell, lets give this LSD a go.

Chaos, eye of the storm, broken bones, hung up phones.

So you cling to my back as I hurtle down the highway, time for you fly away.

So till next time when you need a quick fix, you joke that your little island is where your type mix.

I knew that would be the last of it, I had already dug a hole for my heart with a nice tight fit.

I’d bury it there with all my useless things, like my mind and fallen wings.

D March 2017



twistedRun around the underground.

Follow the trails of the sound.

The tiled walls on the floor.

Pass the body of the whore.

Duck from the echoes around the street.

The pitter patter of your feet.

Jump the curb and hit the road.

Dodge the cars in psycho mode.

The adrenaline is running thin.

Take a piss by a bin.

Looking up to cast a stare.

Your bleeding eyes don’t seem to care,

Of what’s all around, it can’t detect.

These other faces contain no threat.

So ask yourself “So where are you?”

Subsonic space is something new.

Deepening black, chemical flak.

You hit the ground and something cracks.

The blackness clears, replaced by fear.

Spurting blood is all you hear.

You’ve hit the floor with your senses wrapped.

Nothingness, your neck has snapped.

Straight off the edge and hit the abyss.

Try and survive, it’s you last wish.

Your heart burst out with infinite guilt.

For all the things you could have built.

The crying minds last thought is flying.

Without these drugs, it would not be dying.

D 2003


img_1188Skin feels the lighting tremors.
Head processing the trendsetting.
Minds eyes closed for the weekend,
avoiding the streets blood letting.

Your cold,
Your warm,
Your slim metal shards,
Your hard,
Your barred.

Cold signs of the season done.
Head warming the irrational thought.
The resonator examines its latest pulse.
Reducing my crime to ones and noughts.

Your ice,
Your fire,
Your signs a facade,
Your raid,
End of days

D 2013