The last island

I stand an island now, wrecked by your tsunami, it makes the conversation hard, with your quips ready like an army.

You know I used to braver, I used to have two good legs, I had my honour and my armour, and I’m not going to break and beg.

I don’t won’t to stir your anger, bare skin ready for your arrows, so I lay shipwrecked on my own sorrows. Island of myself, but in it I find a grain of wealth.

Time will erode these feelings, and in the end it will put in the past all our shit dealings.

I’m alone but I fear no more, I’m broken but I fear no more, I’m alive and breathing, so I fear no more.

I stand an island and lifes waters caress my shores, and I fear no more.

D Jun 2017


I guess you were just a shard, didn’t realise how you stood so hard. Always ready to forgive, while I wouldn’t budge an inch, but honey I was there in the pinch. 

Your tears were mine, you outline fine. Sorry I was stunned by the light of my youth, in my hands I was holding no great truth.

Open palms reveal empty hands, and our love was a clocked on quick sands. I remember you holding flowers, but to turn back time is beyond any mortals powers.

D Jun 2017


IMG_3098I can be very hazy with my commitment to activities. The wind can soon blow out of my sails and I end up dropping the project halfway through, either out of fear or boredom or both, so as boost to keep up the blogging I’ve set up with the WordPress personal plan. It should strip out the ads and make the URL a bit more obvious.

I’m really amazed I have nearly 100 followers after just a couple of months and I have had some great feedback about my poetry (and some pretty weird spam). So I know posts have slowed for a while but there is not much left in the archive that I feel happy posting and in fact I seem to find my inspiration at random moments, so its good to have the phone app handy and just let it all out. I’ll guess I’ll just see what comes of it now I’ve pinned it down for a year.

So thank you to my small circle readers for finding me a safe place on the net. It has really been getting me through the rough days.

Peace be upon you,