Tree Sitting

When I was just a teen the demons tore at my head, face, eyes, soul. Total destruction was there goal.

Now the years have past they encircle me, afraid to touch, I have concubines of my own who would put them to the torch.

I tamed the dragons, made pets of there threats. I’m surrounded by white light and there’s no higher I could get.

No longer the meek and the strength of my youth they stole now returns. I sit in this tree and send the demons love, nothing left that deserves my burns.

D April 2017

Death of youth

I used to play amongst the rubble of the old railway station, mortgages, jobs, alien these concepts, like inflation. I swung off broken ladders and read the graffiti, thrown stones as trains rumbled on the still used tracks. Wild youth, alone not running with the pack.

I met my best friend later and told him of the wondrous ruins I had found, he preferred the forest and the fields and we went to play in them, pushing our go cart up down the hills again, again.

Five years later there was a knock on my door, my friends sister cried, tears splashing on the floor. My friend was dead, run over by one of those trains, so I went back to the ruined station again, to find his ghost and ask him to come back …

… But when I got there the station was gone, now stood a second hand car dealer selling over priced crap. My youth now totally erased and done.

D April 2017


twistedRun around the underground.

Follow the trails of the sound.

The tiled walls on the floor.

Pass the body of the whore.

Duck from the echoes around the street.

The pitter patter of your feet.

Jump the curb and hit the road.

Dodge the cars in psycho mode.

The adrenaline is running thin.

Take a piss by a bin.

Looking up to cast a stare.

Your bleeding eyes don’t seem to care,

Of what’s all around, it can’t detect.

These other faces contain no threat.

So ask yourself “So where are you?”

Subsonic space is something new.

Deepening black, chemical flak.

You hit the ground and something cracks.

The blackness clears, replaced by fear.

Spurting blood is all you hear.

You’ve hit the floor with your senses wrapped.

Nothingness, your neck has snapped.

Straight off the edge and hit the abyss.

Try and survive, it’s you last wish.

Your heart burst out with infinite guilt.

For all the things you could have built.

The crying minds last thought is flying.

Without these drugs, it would not be dying.

D 2003


Razer light off glass shining towers, orange haze from the cities lights. Hurtling through the night, the road receding under tyre powers.

Rain lashing against kevlar and leather. Sweat inside, to hot, but this is how I will live forever.

Last drop off of the day, important, life in the balance. This little package strapped to my back, has a life on my reliance.

I lean into the last turn, running on empty, the fuel burnt. I run for the hospital doors, pass security quick, tricks I have learnt.

I hand the packet to the nurse, he beams me a smile. For once in my life I’m a hero, tonight one less person, leaves the ward in a hearse.

D Feb 2017

Setting Sun

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to make any sense, how you gassed me in the chamber with the arcrid incense.

How I stole for you what any sane man would leave, pushing my body, no sleep for a week, beyond what could be believed.

When the interrogations began how you flighted away, suddenly the all knowingness had not a lot to say.

I flew the heavens for you touching a void only gods know, and my blood stained that windshield in little winding flows.

Have my scars,  have my body, even take my mind. But know that till the end of days my soul remains mine, and I hate to disappoint you to some facts you cannot bind.

Make me jump, make me fear, whisper death into my ear. But let me be clear … The bullet in your breach is just one, its a mutual stand off, in a setting sun.

D Feb 2017

Blue Light Fever

I feel you through the ether hanging above my soul, my own personal Valkyrie setting my goals.

The blue light flashes on the police car, you pull me out of sight, safe, so far.

Will you let me know my end of days, when we meet what will you say?

I’m lost in this land and all I see is blue sky, would it help you if I got high.

Would it help meeting you half way there, would I be strong enough to dare.

I want to stay but I always have to go, I wish I knew what it is you want me to know.

Living in the blue light fever forever, till you cut this life link, whenever.

When will be my time, where will you draw the line?

D Jan 2017