wallI just can’t seem to read these days.
The words swim before me,
But blatantly refuse too form,
Into any coherence I can see.

Is it my mind shutting down?
The words are there for me,
But they just won’t go in.
A hieroglyphic mess is what I see.

I just can’t seem to read these days.
The books have so many titles,
But I always pick the wrong ones.
Getting past this block is vital.

Is it my mind shutting down?
All that knowledge for the taking,
But it doesn’t go in any more.
I look like I’m reading but I’m faking.

Words and numbers like so much alien code.
Eyes crossed sideways this brain will not accept,
That I need to know more than is presented,
In this words and numbers, alien code.

D Aug 2003

(A couple of blogs that I follow have been talking about writers block and it reminded me of this poem i wrote years ago. When I’m really up or down I can’t read, never mind write, so the fact I’m posting on a blog nearly daily is a good sign, despite being bipolar and slightly dyslexic its a very good sign.)