The rain ran down my back as I lay in a ditch watching the helicopter pass, I knew then that I would be fighting these demons till the last.

But my fetch the fox had taught me his tricks, how to avoid the hunters hounds and give them the flick.

I’m here alive twenty years later, you didn’t expect that, you expected me to burn in my youth not grow old and fat.

So I sit between today and tomorrow and for once my heart has hope not sorrow, and I’m stringing my arrow.

D April 2017

My Fox

My fox breaks fold from it’s leash. Slips into the night and scurries down the lanes. Into the village running from dogs and howling at cats. Iridescent in the street lights he’s matter and fact.

My fox looks through the windows of the empty shops, seeing all the things that you forgot to buy. He darts over gardens while the moon catches his eyes.

My fox finds a mouse to chase, to bring back to the den. With the breaking of dawn he knows his times over when, the day has become his enemy, and the shadows his friend.

D Feb 2017

(I haven’t see a fox for many months, which is shame as I love drawing and looking at them. Posts are a bit slow to at the moment as I have a racking chest infection. Slowly getting better but it’s a lurker. Still I am reading lots of other blogs and am amazed at the talent out there. So thanks to all those I follow.)