Desert Rain

I waited in the desert of your mind, with my banner battered in the sand storms. I never thought you would come back and break this solid form.

Now the desert grows wild flowers and rains have come to pour, when we finally embraced after so long I could of wished for no more.

So stay and be next me and feel the tremor of the earth, for now it spins around us and once again we are close.

D Jun 2017

The last island

I stand an island now, wrecked by your tsunami, it makes the conversation hard, with your quips ready like an army.

You know I used to braver, I used to have two good legs, I had my honour and my armour, and I’m not going to break and beg.

I don’t won’t to stir your anger, bare skin ready for your arrows, so I lay shipwrecked on my own sorrows. Island of myself, but in it I find a grain of wealth.

Time will erode these feelings, and in the end it will put in the past all our shit dealings.

I’m alone but I fear no more, I’m broken but I fear no more, I’m alive and breathing, so I fear no more.

I stand an island and lifes waters caress my shores, and I fear no more.

D Jun 2017


I guess you were just a shard, didn’t realise how you stood so hard. Always ready to forgive, while I wouldn’t budge an inch, but honey I was there in the pinch. 

Your tears were mine, you outline fine. Sorry I was stunned by the light of my youth, in my hands I was holding no great truth.

Open palms reveal empty hands, and our love was a clocked on quick sands. I remember you holding flowers, but to turn back time is beyond any mortals powers.

D Jun 2017

I am Fallen

Why strive so hard to make light win, do you think your love of good would lessen your sins.

If the sun shone all night how would you know day, and every comment you tell undermines your say.

I do not wallow in the dark and suffering of others, but I appreciate that with light you have dark, like sisters have brothers.

It’s a game of life you fool yourself with, that if white wins there are no losers, but when you blind me with your martyrdom it’s me on my knees, with bruises.

I am dark and I shine like a negative sun casting white shadows, for how can you have, when cannot accept what you cannot have.

Love me for what I am, instead you try to fashion me an angel … Though I am fallen.

D May 2017


I walked around your garden at the back of your house, seeing all the pretty things you had discarded on the path.

I see you gently swinging on the faux stone bench, your parents of strange oath.

Your hair flutters in the wind and your face cracks as a tear rolls down your cheek.

I’m just a ghost in your past, drowning in all the things I should have said. Man the meek.

D April 2017


Just a whisp of life you spent in, where did you go once I lost my sanity, suddenly the colour from the girl with rainbow hair drains.

Desperate rescue missions, reading rune riddles in nightclubs, always belonging to someone else, eyes, stabbing me in the brains.

Helicopters in the night remind me of you, crazy the beauty in the deafening chaos, fixing your beat up car, before your brakes fail and kill you.

But alas I should of worried more for myself, now your just someone I used to know, I stare at clear blue sky…

…and broken pieces of you still bleed in my heart.

D April 2017


I’ve watched stars falling, I’ve seen gods stalling, by your unholy words spoken, even the dead would be woken.

So now I think its time to tell you, I’m just a friend who cares for what you do, ripping out my heart to rescue yours, but your mind is so many broken doors.

When is the right time to let go, when life just imprints it must be so, that you’ve been raided so many times and I cannot erase another’s crime.

So I’m left with this scene, you and me and the inbetween. Leave you at the mercy of fate, but for that there’s always going to be a part of me I hate.

For you could have of been a butterfly, instead you turned out a mantis, more important to rip my head off, than let yourself try for bliss.

D March 2017

Just for today

If you ever wanted to lay your head down next to mine, playfully tussle words avoiding sorrows of the mind.

Would it matter that we where even arguing, isn’t it more that we stay glued, entwined on this hillside, watching the magpie’s glide.

My friends words are so ethereal, no one knows for sure the really real. If there’s one last thing to say, let it be I was with you for a day.

D March 2017


Gliding thorough my life with exquisite beauty, lithe, almost frail but strong and the heart of a gale. Inner storms kept temperate, longing, tempting for my touch. I fell, and fell again but is that love as such.

A long time ago these memories get confused, was it me who never met you or you who never met me? I still see your eyes shining in the dusk, but all things must come to pass, there was never going to be an ‘us’.

D March 2017


Sorry I thought you were from another planet, the way you came to love me despite our fates, how we overcame our petty hates.

Sorry I thought you had landed from Venus, wrapped in silk and scent of the air, how I fell back into your arms without a fear or a care.

Sorry that I broke your space ship, I’m glad you got it fixed and came back to me. Second time around you’re a wonder to see.

Sorry that we’re now bound for life, twisted round each other thorns and all. Really I know its from the stars we fall.

D Feb 2017