Desert Rain

I waited in the desert of your mind, with my banner battered in the sand storms. I never thought you would come back and break this solid form.

Now the desert grows wild flowers and rains have come to pour, when we finally embraced after so long I could of wished for no more.

So stay and be next me and feel the tremor of the earth, for now it spins around us and once again we are close.

D Jun 2017


The rain ran down my back as I lay in a ditch watching the helicopter pass, I knew then that I would be fighting these demons till the last.

But my fetch the fox had taught me his tricks, how to avoid the hunters hounds and give them the flick.

I’m here alive twenty years later, you didn’t expect that, you expected me to burn in my youth not grow old and fat.

So I sit between today and tomorrow and for once my heart has hope not sorrow, and I’m stringing my arrow.

D April 2017

Just for today

If you ever wanted to lay your head down next to mine, playfully tussle words avoiding sorrows of the mind.

Would it matter that we where even arguing, isn’t it more that we stay glued, entwined on this hillside, watching the magpie’s glide.

My friends words are so ethereal, no one knows for sure the really real. If there’s one last thing to say, let it be I was with you for a day.

D March 2017


man-with-stick-fishingSparkling shards of mist over dew driven fields.
Sown a crop for the year ahead to yield.
Fate come tie me down to the new calm.
While the church of desire sings its psalm.

Lay my aching body on soft mossy stone,
while feeling the cold leaving my bone.
Stretch to a new dawn coming in lights,
as birds up above arch in their flights.

Peace come lay down beside my body.
Sub warm the skin of this nobody.
Just a traveler through the line of time.
Never pay attention to any of the signs.

D 2013

(I have a habit of just laying on the ground in the garden and staring at the sky. Not sure what the neighbors think but they probably all ready know I’m eccentric.)

Just Right

Today I’m the ray of sunshine cast on a frosted blade of grass. Not forgetting or forgiveness for my lurid past.

Those long winter days are about to pass, I throw my stones in synchronicitys pool and cast…

… A new beginning, a new story to tell, about how I fell from heaven, then into hell. How I crawled back and the demons I quelled.

Today I am a light shining bright, casting down from the greatest of heights. Not forgetting or forgiveness for the nastiness of my fights.

Just here, just now, feeling just right.

What an earth are you listening to …

… Says my wife as I sit with my headphones on nodding gently.

“Bad pop, yes it is uncool!”

Seriously I’m over forty now and can have the luxury of listening to what ever I like without having to stay in some cool clique. I’ll get back to Nine Inch Nails later, right now I need cheesey pop to cheer me up. Also I like Rainbow Dash as well, and so does my daughter and she thinks daddy’s cool.

I confess …