The last island

I stand an island now, wrecked by your tsunami, it makes the conversation hard, with your quips ready like an army.

You know I used to braver, I used to have two good legs, I had my honour and my armour, and I’m not going to break and beg.

I don’t won’t to stir your anger, bare skin ready for your arrows, so I lay shipwrecked on my own sorrows. Island of myself, but in it I find a grain of wealth.

Time will erode these feelings, and in the end it will put in the past all our shit dealings.

I’m alone but I fear no more, I’m broken but I fear no more, I’m alive and breathing, so I fear no more.

I stand an island and lifes waters caress my shores, and I fear no more.

D Jun 2017

Twin Flame

No, your not her, you have a shard of her soul, a reflection. Your manoeuvres have all been deflections.

She would not say the things you say, that illness is selfish, and I must be better in my ways.

I got dazzled by your lights, a stunned rabbit, to timid to get into fights.

No, your not her, not my twin flame, your soul is an empty expanse with no bridge between mine. And though you trap me with your words, I feel fine. I have trust in the universe, the intervention of the divine.

So busy yourself with the detail of every nonsensical moment, and let me be broken in the corner and bent. It’s not your place to ‘fix’ me … I’m staring at the sky so hard I can see her reflected in the breeze.

D May 2017


Just a whisp of life you spent in, where did you go once I lost my sanity, suddenly the colour from the girl with rainbow hair drains.

Desperate rescue missions, reading rune riddles in nightclubs, always belonging to someone else, eyes, stabbing me in the brains.

Helicopters in the night remind me of you, crazy the beauty in the deafening chaos, fixing your beat up car, before your brakes fail and kill you.

But alas I should of worried more for myself, now your just someone I used to know, I stare at clear blue sky…

…and broken pieces of you still bleed in my heart.

D April 2017


Suddenly there was a ray of hope welling in my spine, it happened overnight, no chaos, no almighty fight.

I just had to say no … Then let you go.

And as for once I shined love on myself, instead of you, my power returns and I’ve found my flow.

D April 2017

Spring Rains

Embrace me, surround me, fill my lungs with your violet scent, send a shiver down my spine, make it how it was ment.

I admit I got lost somewhere along the line, easy for soul to drift out to sea, you fought hard against the strong undercurrent, just so we could be.

But now that tether that binds us seems frayed, withering, undone. So hold tighter before we vanish in the fog, let dawn break with warming sun …

… And maybe like the first spring flower were bloom again, and love will stay and not get washed away by the spring rains.

D March 2017


It’s one thing that you grace my presence, its another to take it all for granted. I have a face that you never see but you say my love is all that you wanted.

Thanks for the words but without the slightest of touch, it’s a hollow heart and as my hand slips from yours it doesn’t seem like much.

Thanks but did you notice I was dead on the inside, the petals of our courtship falling down, while my soul glides…

… Looking for tribe, a place to belong.  A safe space, trying to keep holding on.

The air cools and I inhale, breathe, the slight pounding of my heart reminding me that I’m actually alive. I dread the dawn and wonder how I will survive.

Everything I had I gave to you, now that’s gone and I’m running on fumes, is there any space left in your soul before I pull this trigger … Boom.

D March 2017


man-with-stick-going-homeDidn’t know what this would be, youth clouding my eyes so I could not see.

Welcomed to my hurricane, fast nights, fast bikes and behavior far from sane.

You flew in on the wrong runway, I was shattered man and you just wanted to play.

Dug your needles in my frontal lobes, yeah hell, lets give this LSD a go.

Chaos, eye of the storm, broken bones, hung up phones.

So you cling to my back as I hurtle down the highway, time for you fly away.

So till next time when you need a quick fix, you joke that your little island is where your type mix.

I knew that would be the last of it, I had already dug a hole for my heart with a nice tight fit.

I’d bury it there with all my useless things, like my mind and fallen wings.

D March 2017



You stripped me raw with the lashings of your words. A howling banshee if one was ever heard. Your claws around my heart picking at the carcass, while I wept in the hold of your caress.

I’ve seen men die, I’ve seen worlds burn, but I had never seen such a devil as you. Skin innocent and white, a poker face few saw through.

Now I lay on this curb, staring at the stars, discarded torso, scattered limbs, but how I hold on to the memory of our sins. As you flew away did you think you have won, do you shed tears in the shadows of the sun.

D March 2017