Lightning struck the ground fifty yards ahead, rain soaked my bike leathers and bounced off my visor. High in the mountains of cymystwyth, chased by the demons I live with.

Sunshine breaks through as I peak on the plateau, the rain eases as my little two stroke engine battles the last incline, I’m alone in the wilderness, and for that mercy I feel fine.

I’ve arrived again at the place where God meets the earth, where a man can converse and prove his worth.

I am lost, I am found and all around is the nothing of sound.

D May 2017


Stare through this darkened visor, motorway unfolds ahead. Spirit with me, taking her hand and be lead.

Weaving between the SUV’s, drivers blind by mobile devices, might as well say they can’t see…

… me shoot through the gaps, crazy video game. Headlight burns the fog, open the throttle, feel and know pain.

I know how much it hurts to bounce off your hood, but there’s something you misunderstood…

… I wasn’t on this rocket bike to be cool, I just wanted to get away from you.

D March 2017

One More Turn To Go


The wind presses on my crash helmet,
cold seeping in through torn leather,
ice forming on fingers,
biking through all weathers.

One more turn to go,
till home.
So long ago the start,
from home.
One more turn to go,
till warm.
So many hours gone now,
since warm.

Like a wisp I pass on the road.
Dodge the cars in psycho mode.
Frozen engine, frozen tarmac.
Wishing away the thought of wreck.

One more turn to go,
till home.
So long ago the start,
from home.
One more turn to go,
on the run.
So many hours gone now,
since jumping the gun.

Drag a sodden boot on the kerb,
Swearing at the big rig with blue words,
sending sparks from metal on granite,
feeling just slightly manic.

One more turn to go,
till home,
pushing my broken body and ride home ….

D 2013

(Really missing my motorcycle today. I miss the freedom it gives me and being in that moving air, even if it is freezing. Though I promised not to get another one till my Daughter was a bit older I’ve just spent the morning looking at the classifieds. So shiny …)