Lightning struck the ground fifty yards ahead, rain soaked my bike leathers and bounced off my visor. High in the mountains of cymystwyth, chased by the demons I live with.

Sunshine breaks through as I peak on the plateau, the rain eases as my little two stroke engine battles the last incline, I’m alone in the wilderness, and for that mercy I feel fine.

I’ve arrived again at the place where God meets the earth, where a man can converse and prove his worth.

I am lost, I am found and all around is the nothing of sound.

D May 2017


These canyon walls bare silence to my anger, my rushing mind hushed to stillness.

Nature does not care for anguish, it tries it’s best to bring in life’s fullfilness.

But I stand like a broken pendulum, with no time left to count.

Me, this wall of stone, I begin to mount.

Maybe at the summit I’ll find my sanity kept safe, in nature’s lock.

D May 2017

Spring Squirrels

Trigger warning; suicide

Where was I as the empire crumbled? amongst the bird calls of the forest. When the guns were blazing in the distant I lay on a log to rest.

Staring at spring squirrels playing in the branches as my home burnt to the ground. Please remember to mention me when the last of you fall like feather’s without sound.

I’ll bleed out here amongst the badger’s set, you’ll realize, in this game, there was no safe bet.

As my body grows cold on the ground my spirit will slip into the woods, one last footprint where I stood.

D March 2017

My Fox

My fox breaks fold from it’s leash. Slips into the night and scurries down the lanes. Into the village running from dogs and howling at cats. Iridescent in the street lights he’s matter and fact.

My fox looks through the windows of the empty shops, seeing all the things that you forgot to buy. He darts over gardens while the moon catches his eyes.

My fox finds a mouse to chase, to bring back to the den. With the breaking of dawn he knows his times over when, the day has become his enemy, and the shadows his friend.

D Feb 2017

(I haven’t see a fox for many months, which is shame as I love drawing and looking at them. Posts are a bit slow to at the moment as I have a racking chest infection. Slowly getting better but it’s a lurker. Still I am reading lots of other blogs and am amazed at the talent out there. So thanks to all those I follow.)


It wasn’t quite the bonfire I expected, the ground was to wet and winter still held on with its dying grip.

Though smoke was in the air and the sun was burning through the clouds unscripted. With mist on my breath I felt the poison lifted, and together in the orchard we drifted.

I felt like I was finally coming home, after many days in the wilderness hunting demons of the mind. It was time to unwind. Let my guard down and for it to be just fine.

And that was that, just a passing moment on some small gods map. May not of meant much to you but to me, I just for a moment, felt intact.

D Feb 2017

Natural Path

Setting one foot in front of the other down this path, lichen grows on my limbs and I cackle a laugh.

The voices said I would never make it this far, well I’m not going to be any great rock star.

I’ll crawl over the mud and moss to reach the end, despite the legions of demons that you send.

From down here I smell the scent of the earth, and you thought it was some kind if curse.

Nature’s soul breath, in my lungs, so much confusion about how it begun.

I’m at peace with path that I’m on, I’m going, going … Gone.

D Jan 2017


I lay on a raft, sliding down stream,

I stare at the sky, seeing what should not be seen,

But you are in my mind, twisting and turning,

But never learning.

The sun trades it space for the moon,

As I drift into ocean, 

I promise I’ll be back with you soon.

D Nov 2016