IMG_3098I can be very hazy with my commitment to activities. The wind can soon blow out of my sails and I end up dropping the project halfway through, either out of fear or boredom or both, so as boost to keep up the blogging I’ve set up with the WordPress personal plan. It should strip out the ads and make the URL a bit more obvious.

I’m really amazed I have nearly 100 followers after just a couple of months and I have had some great feedback about my poetry (and some pretty weird spam). So I know posts have slowed for a while but there is not much left in the archive that I feel happy posting and in fact I seem to find my inspiration at random moments, so its good to have the phone app handy and just let it all out. I’ll guess I’ll just see what comes of it now I’ve pinned it down for a year.

So thank you to my small circle readers for finding me a safe place on the net. It has really been getting me through the rough days.

Peace be upon you,


Bye Bye Facebook?

I’m wondering if I should shut down my Facebook account again. I do it from time to time when I’m feeling a bit frazzled. This time it’s for a different reason though. Some of my friends have taken to using Facebook as there own political soap box. I’m mean its constant, right against left, left against right dozens of times a day. The whole brexit and Trump thing seems to have whipped everyone into a volley of self opion. A lyric from a New Model Army song captures it all for me …

“This golden age of communication just means we all talk at the same time.”

My politics are simple, I’m a member of the green party for the fundamental reason that if you destroy the planet, it does not matter if you’re left or right, we are all gone. Apples don’t grow on dead tree’s.

Anyway the point is I don’t want to digress into political dialogue anyway. I have plenty of demons of my own to deal with and Facebook seems to be a dumping ground for everyone’s own personal ideology. Right or wrong I just don’t want to get involved in the argument and I think that I should be allowed that option.

The thing that I would miss most from Facebook is the birthday reminders. That’s no reason to keep it, so my finger hovers over the cancel account button while I wonder if I’m just swapping Facebooking for blogging.



Chasing Dragon’s

Bipolar is like a dragon. Those who have never met one don’t believe in it and those who have often end up bent to its might and majesty. You can put me in the later and that’s not something I have come out and said right on a blog post before. I have had a few blogs over the years, some pretty sane sounding and some not so (and filled with weird poetry and art). Maybe its my age now I approach my mid forties, I just feel that after dealing with the beast for 25 years, surviving a bout of depression that almost took me off the planet earlier this year I … Was going to say ‘I don’t care any more!’. Really its the opposite. I care to much. I feel to much. This world means everything and nothing.

Although I can’t say I have made friends with my dragon we have an understanding now. We are here, we will never be apart, hear us roar.

And yes this blog may only be read by a handful of people if anyone. But now on server somewhere in the world is a record of my dragons protest.

And I’m still here.

Peace D