Of course I could make it all better by stopping these pills and stopping pretending to be ill. I’m sick of your outdated attitude that mental illness could be stopped by the power of will.

Of course the royals are great and these new fangled computers will seal our fate. Don’t you know it’s you not the world that is out of date.

And yes it’s the immigrants who are stealing all our jobs. And those on the claim are ignorant slobs.

I could give you a million pound in gold and you would moan that its wasn’t made in Britain and as good as what they made in the 60s. To you I’m just a burnt out waste of space playing sickly.

But you forget the legacy you leave me and my children. A burnt out planet and a suicidal kingdom. I pity you for what you can’t see, and stigma you project will not hurt me.

D March 2017