You said you needed me to almost insure your existence. I’m sure that this is what they meant by codependency.

You still rendered nightmares nightly, with reinforced doors against unseen persecutions. You gave me arms to hold me while I carried on my electrocutions.

Wired to the world twenty four seven, I was no joy ride, a step for you to heaven. Then I’m reminded if tonight is my last breath, as my mind from this relationship had already left.

They’ve come for me now my dear and I need to run, I know I left you staring for hope, directly at the sun.

D March 2017


man-with-stick-going-homeDidn’t know what this would be, youth clouding my eyes so I could not see.

Welcomed to my hurricane, fast nights, fast bikes and behavior far from sane.

You flew in on the wrong runway, I was shattered man and you just wanted to play.

Dug your needles in my frontal lobes, yeah hell, lets give this LSD a go.

Chaos, eye of the storm, broken bones, hung up phones.

So you cling to my back as I hurtle down the highway, time for you fly away.

So till next time when you need a quick fix, you joke that your little island is where your type mix.

I knew that would be the last of it, I had already dug a hole for my heart with a nice tight fit.

I’d bury it there with all my useless things, like my mind and fallen wings.

D March 2017



You stripped me raw with the lashings of your words. A howling banshee if one was ever heard. Your claws around my heart picking at the carcass, while I wept in the hold of your caress.

I’ve seen men die, I’ve seen worlds burn, but I had never seen such a devil as you. Skin innocent and white, a poker face few saw through.

Now I lay on this curb, staring at the stars, discarded torso, scattered limbs, but how I hold on to the memory of our sins. As you flew away did you think you have won, do you shed tears in the shadows of the sun.

D March 2017


You slipped into my life and onto the back of my motorcycle, we raced across the city and you gave light to my heart. Little did I know you would soon tear me apart.

You said you were a witch and I didn’t get what you meant, I’m still unsure if you were heaven or hell sent.

We broadcast our signal of union all over the world, devilish music and sub sonic unheards.

And then you said it was over, and I didn’t fight over it. I was just glad to get my spark back, even for a bit.

A decade later the hallucinations become clearer. I know now why you had a been a tattooed Medusa. You were a soul eater, a rot, a primarily sonic seducer.

D Feb 2017

(Took several edits to get the typos out today. Distracted by a hyperactive 3 year old!)