Between you and me….

It is not worth remembering, the way you moved the walls, bent the halls, stood so tall… Over me.

I know you can lash out at any time and make me know pain, from insane to sane and back again. Your credentials hold but I do not wain.

I’m heading straight to fortress, the trees make my buttress, you can scorch the land, turn my body to sand…

… But you don’t see my old man watching me from up there, bringing me peace and making it fair.

Keep your faith rooms, while I’ll just keep the faith.

D November 2018

The Split Mind

So in my head are two worlds, the everyday consensus that avoids the swirls of the madness of the other universe.

I don’t remember when it happened, this split, between what you say is real and what you say is perverse.

Maybe it was always this way, just no one noticed it until I started pointing the insanity in your world, the bombs, the guns, the stimulated torture as entertainment from Hollywood.

I know I go to dark places in my head but you cannot say that everything in your world is shiny and good.

So I live the schism, a dual belief system and only one of which is for my benefit. I think in all though the fuse has been lit… And there’s no going back.

D May 2018